HP2VGA: Project Write Up


This project started about two and half years ago when I took an FPGA class at MIT and the professor happened to give me an HP1662AS logic analyser that MIT were throwing out. Despite the fact that I lived in the UK and this thing is massive and weighs 20kg I took it anyway. I thought it would be a cool project to replace the cathode ray tube with a larger, LCD display. I thought I would get this done before I left the US three months later… Little did I know it was going to take me another two years (although not of continuous work). Now I am nearly done, and just in time to ship it back to the US when I move back for work.


The HP1662AS on the desk where it was left for me in MIT

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Project: Hardware Based Image Perspective Correction System

Last semester at MIT I took the class “6.111 – Introductory Digital Systems Lab”.  This class revolves almost entirely around using FPGAs to create digital systems, including a car alarm and a sound recorder/player. After all of the labs were complete, you had to complete a final project that took about a third of the semester to complete. (A full report can be found at the end.)

For my final project I chose, with my team partner Patrick Yang, to build a Hardware Based Image Perspective Correction System. This basically meant a system that allowed you to take an image of a document on a table and then correct the perspective of the image such that it appeared that you are looking at the document straight on.

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