Mini Project: Single Pixel

I have an interest in capacitive touch at the moment – I have no particular project in mind but I wanted to see the current state of cap-touch solutions so that I could use it in a future project.

To test it out I made a board with a single touch pixel. I can use this board in other projects as a drop in touch solution. I decided to go with Microchip’s (formerly Atmel’s) qTouch library with their Peripheral Touch Controller (PTC).

The simplest chip containing a PTC is the Atmega328PB which comes in a 32-pin TQFP. The only other components on the board are a 3.3V regulator, the programming port and the other necessary passive components.

Here is the schematic.

It is nothing too complex. But it works.

Atmel offer a web tool called Atmel Start which walks through configuring the PTC and then generating a code template.

Screenshot from 2019-01-21 06-56-13.png

Screenshot from 2019-01-21 06-54-36.png


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