Project: CRT Oscilloscope LCD Mod – Choosing the replacement LCD

I’m replacing the screen on the logic analyser for a few reasons:  The CRT is heavy and bulky – replacing it would make the whole thing lighter, an LCD could be brighter and I can add colour to the monochrome display, and on top of this it’s just an interesting project. The most important thing is that the replacement screen is not worse than the old one!

The original display was about 10″ diagonally, however the actual display area was only about 8″. Therefore I had to make sure the new display was no less than 8″, it would be dumb to make the screen smaller.

I was hoping that there would be a bunch of 8-10″ displays on the market for Raspberry Pi displays and rear-view camera displays. But it turns out that there isn’t much going cheaply. Raspberry Pi displays seem to be inflated in cost as they are marketed to hobbyists. In the end I found which seemed to stock a reasonable selection of LCD displays. I settled on their 10.1″ display with the VGA driver board for about $40 in total.


The display being driven by an FPGA via the VGA controller board

The display is pretty nice. The image looks washed out in the photo, but it’s not really like that. The bezels are quite thin which means mounting it would be a problem. Plus, the driver board and control board can be mounted separately. The viewing angles aren’t great, but overall I think it will be ok.

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