Micro Motor Controller – Code and Gerbers

For the Robox project,  I needed a board to program and control a servo and a DC motor – I could probably have used something off-the-shelf, but I prefer to have a board specialised for the job.

The board I designed features an ATtiny828 microcontroller with 16 general use IO, two PWM outputs to control two 6V servos and an Allegro A3916 dual h-bridge to control two DC motors (or one stepper motor) at up to 1A per channel. This is more of a general use motor control board and could be useful in a bunch of projects.



Full designs can be found on github included gerbers so you can get your boards made. Because the board is so small, I provide a 3×3 panelised version. From Seeed Studio, I got 10 of these panels made for $4.90 providing a total of 90 boards!

The servo section is fully tested and code is provided on the github.


A 3D render of the design


PCB without DC A3916 chip mounted – flux turns the white yellow which looks a bit messy

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