Project: Robox – Beginning

Have you ever seen the “useless machine” robots that everyone makes. It’s just a box with a switch, and when you flick the switch, a robot arm pops out of the box and flicks it back – useless, hence the name.

Well I wanted to take it one step further.

Here is an example of a “normal” useless machine:

Well, what if it wasn’t useless? I want to put eight switches in a row and have a locked compartment. When you flick the correct switches, the compartment opens – when you flick the incorrect switches, a robot arm pokes out and resets the switches.

I won’t have eight robot arms, just one, that moves left and right to reach all eight switches. I more or less have the whole project mapped out in my head but I haven’t quite figured out how the locking mechanism will work just yet but I can think of a few possibilities.

I’m hoping this will be a quickish project to fill in the time while I am preparing my final dissertation for university.

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