Mini Project: Porting RFM69 Library from Arduino to MBED

TLDR: Here is an RFM69 OOK library for MBED.

For an upcoming project I am using the RFM69 module by HopeRF.

The RFM69HW is a transceiver module capable of operation over a wide frequency range, including the 315, 433,868 and 915MHz license-free ISM (Industry Scientific and Medical) frequency bands.

Specifically, I am interested in using the device to receive and transmit OOK modulated signals. OOK (On-off Keying) is a modulation scheme whereby the presence of the carrier signal indicates a 1 and the lack of carrier signal indicates a 0.

Also for the upcoming project I want to use an ARM Cortex M0 processor and so I am using the MBED 11u24 board for prototyping (I was conveniently given one of these for free by ARM at a recent career fair).

Initially, I began writing my own library to control the RFM69, however when I realised quite how configurable this module is I decided that I would check if anyone had done the work for me, and lo-and-behold there was a library for Arduino, but nothing for MBED.

Long story short, I modified the library to run on the MBED platform and have uploaded the code to my GitHub for anyone to use.

Obviously there was no change required to the logic but all of the SPI bus, IO and Interrupt-handling had to be modified for MBED.


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