Project: Remoteli – Plastic Spacer

Remoteli’s construction will be a PCB (the one I already have with all of the buttons on it), a plastic layer which is 1.6mm thick, and another PCB on top to cover all of the electronics, except for the switch, IR receiver and transmitter, and the buttons.

Today I finally managed to hunt down a 3D printer in order to print out the plastic spacer. Here are my designs:

It turned out a friend of a friend had a 3D printer I could use.

Being a small model, it only took 12 minutes to print and it came out pretty well. Unfortunately the detail around the screw holes and the top of the circle didn’t print well, but it was good enough to work. I didn’t really expect it all of come out perfectly anyway.

Here it is:

spacer and board

I was impressed how well the battery fit into the spacer. Now I am just waiting for the second board to arrive from OSH Park.

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