For this project, I’ve decided to start using Altium’s Circuit Maker, rather than Eagle, to design my PCBs. The main reason for this is because Circuit Maker is very similar to Altium Designer which is a professional-level package (and the price reflects it) so it’d be useful to be able to use it. Circuit Maker also has a very nice 3D view mode:

Bottom board layout in 3D view
Bottom board layout in 3D view

Here you can see both sides of the bottom board. The large circle is where the positive side of the coin cell will make contact. There are 11 buttons, 3 capacitors, 2 resistors, an IR LED, an IR receiver and a microcontroller.

The cut out in the bottom left corner is there so that the board can be mounted on a keyring. The board area is 39x19mm, which I am pretty please with.

So I sent it off to be manufactured by OSH Park and here it is!IMG_20151108_191258

This is definitely not a final design because I have already found a couple of bugs in the design, but it’s definitely good enough to build a prototype with. I’ll release schematics and layouts at the end of the project.