Project: Remoteli – Specification

I don’t really care that much if this is the smallest TV remote in the world or not, but I want it to be as small as is practical. I also want to design it so it could be mass-produced, if I ever wanted to. So here is my specification:

  • Keyring attachable
  • At least 10 buttons
  • Easily reprogrammable to work with almost any TV
  • At least ~1 year battery life
  • Run on a coin cell
  • Only a few mm thick
  • Only a few centimetres long and a couple wide

To make this as small as possible, I’m going to use entirely surface mount parts, which will be a challenge in and of itself. I’m also going to use a design idea I first saw on an episode of the Eevblog:

The idea is that the device is made of two circuit boards which sandwich the coin cell and components. This way, using a cr1616 battery and 0.8mm thick pcbs I can achieve an overall thickness of only 3.2mm!

For his uCalc, Dave Jones uses capacitive buttons, however because this remote will be very small I think that the buttons will be so tiny that you’ll have a hard time pressing just one if you can’t actually feel the buttons. That’s why I have decided to go for traditions push buttons in my design. This means the buttons will poke through the top circuit board.


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