Project: Analogue Tape Delay – Final Demonstration

OK, so the pedal is finally built. Here is a video! I’m pretty pleased to be finished with this one. The final few weeks have been a bit frustrating and I’m looking forward to moving onto something new.



6 thoughts on “Project: Analogue Tape Delay – Final Demonstration

  1. Hi Joe. Currently no plans however that’s an interesting idea. The main problem I see in producing these in any quantity would be acquiring a source of tape mechanisms. Nonetheless, if I thought there was any commercial interest in a one-off (or even better: if someone wanted to commission a build!) , I would definitely consider building a second version with everything I’ve learnt from this build. Matt

  2. Is there a full schematic to this unit? The schematic you showed us in an old post doesn’t look complete. (?) The reason why I’m asking is that I would like to build one myself (-:

    1. Hi Edvin. I’ve had a look through my records and it looks like I don’t have a full schematic! I’m quite annoyed at myself for that, but I made this project before I really started recording my projects properly.

      I think that the schematic I posted before is relatively complete except that it lacks the feedback to the tape head that writes to the tape.

      I think this schematic will give you a good starting point, but you will need to add another op-amp stage that takes the output and feeds it back to the write tape head.

      Let me know if you need anymore pointers. Best of luck!

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