Project: Smart Watch – Disaster (I thought)

Today was pretty productive; I now have more or less functioning straps – there will be a detailed post on this soon – but the aim of the post is to describe a disaster that (I hope) I managed to avert.

I was working on installing buttons in the case so that the electronic switches could be pressed from the outside. First thing’s first, I need to drill some holes… The lid comes unglued, the drill slips, the lid is ruined. Not a big deal – I have plenty of plastic and it only takes a minute to cut.

This time I drilled the holes before gluing the lid on – success.

Now lets put the circuitry back in – it doesn’t fit.

Confusion. Scrape away the glue from the edges. Okay, it fits.

Right, so lets take the circuitry out and put the buttons in the holes. Damn fiddly, but fine.

Now to replace the circuitry… A switch catches on the button and comes clean off the circuit board.

Hair torn out.

Test other buttons with new program. First button – fine. Second button – fine. Third button – fallen off. Fourth button – doesn’t work.

More hair torn out.

By repeatedly reheating the joints of the non-functioning button and adding a little more solder the button seems to work 85% of the time. Okay, that’ll do for now.

Soldering on the fallen-off-button – turns out to be a piece of cake. Can I have my hair back?


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