Project: Smart Watch – Main Circuitry complete

After a bit of a break, I finally continued with the project. The first thing to do was to solder on pins to which the power is connected – pretty simple.

Then came the harder bit of attaching the bluetooth module. This was scary as it was so close to the dodgy jumpers I had soldered before and I didn’t want to melt the solder holding the jumpers in place. To minimise damage should this occur, I covered the jumpers in super glue so that, even if the solder melted, the jumpers would be held in place. With a quick dab of solder the joints were made and everything worked. A small anti-climax but a large relief.

I later realised that the bluetooth module isn’t quite parallel to the other two board, but there’s no way I’m desoldering it.

I modified my original code to fit the new board and tried it out. Here are the results:

It might be a little fragile, but it works and hopefully when it is in it’s case, it will be protected and comfortable.

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