Projects: Smart Watch – Intro

Ok, so:

I have been using Atmel AVR chips for a while now and recently to switched to Arduino boards for convenience.

I’ve also been meaning to mess around with Bluetooth for a while now.

Smart watches are all the rage.

So I decided to build a simple smart-watch. I don’t want anything too fancy. Some LEDs, some buttons, a good 20 hour battery life and good functionality.

The main components I settled on are a Pololu A-Star 32u4 board with a JY-MCU bluetooth module (these can be found all over the interweb for around £7).

Pololu A-Star 32u4

The A-Star is based on the Atmel Atmega 32u4 and allows for 15 I/O pins, 5.5-12V input running at 16MHz.


The JY-MCU is a neat little board which is simple to use, if not a tad undocumented. It uses the Bluetooth Serial Interface to appear as a serial port on paired devices and works with Windows and Android but is not supported on IOS.

Anyway, I hope to find a way to mount these components on my wrist in a (potentially vain) attempt to make my life that little bit easier,


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