Project: Smart Watch – Basic Testing and Software

So I used a nice android app called Blueterm to test out the bluetooth functionality of the JY MCU. Works like a charm: I type it on my phone and it squirts out the serial port on the JY MCU into the arduino. So I got together some LEDs and made a little serial protocol to control each LED by sending certain bytes from the phone to tell the Arduino if the led should be on/off/flashing.

My board

Messy (and over-exposed), I know.

But I can’t use Blueterm forever so I went ahead and wrote an Android app which runs as a service on a phone (ie in the background) which monitors phone profile, call state, SMS count etc and flashes LEDs in order to convey this information.

Finally I also added some basic switches to the board which, when pressed, tell the board to either, answer the phone, speak the time (using android’s build in Text-To-Speech), read out the latest text or control music.

The software isn’t too exciting so I’ll leave it at that for now.


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