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Mini Project: Fake Neon Signs

Neon signs are really cool, but they are also really expensive and big. I decided to develop a method to emulate the effect of neon signs while being cheaper and more accessible to the average person. In total, the project cost less than £20.

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Project: Robox – Structure

I decided to make the whole thing out of wood and to use the laser cutter at uni to cut out all the pieces. There’s something about this construction technique that I really like.

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Project: Robox – Beginning

Have you ever seen the “useless machine” robots that everyone makes. It’s just a box with a switch, and when you flick the switch, a robot arm pops out of the box and flicks it back – useless, hence the name.

Well I wanted to take it one step further.

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Monkey RF – A 433.xx MHz radio snatcher

Monkey RF is designed to be a hand-held device for recording and replaying radio signals in the 433.xx MHz band. My inspiration came from the work that Samy Kamkar did regarding Garage Hacking and Car key spoofing. The idea is that by spoofing the right radio signals, you can pretend to be a car key, a garage opener, a door-bell and unlock a car, open a garage or ring a doorbell.

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Mini Project: Reverse Engineering the Samsung Galaxy S2 Touch Screen Interface

This is my last year at university studying for my Masters degree, hence the lack of posts this year – I’ve been pretty busy. My final project involves working with touch screens to improve the signal quality through hardware based processing and the more data I can get, the better. My hope was to intercept the touch screen on a mobile phone to see if I could get to the raw data. I knew that it probably wouldn’t work out that way because most of processing would probably be done by the touch screen controller (TSC) but I thought I’d have a go anyway – a challenge is always fun.

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Something that has been annoying me for a while is that there is no way to download your stats from the website!

So I wrote a script in python to allow you to download all of your stats into a spreadsheet. Here is the guide.

Basically, you need to provide the script with an example XML Http Request (XHR) where the website is pulling stats data from the server. From this XHR, the script then reconstructs a new XHR to get all of the data.

Mini Project: Porting RFM69 Library from Arduino to MBED

TLDR: Here is an RFM69 OOK library for MBED.

For an upcoming project I am using the RFM69 module by HopeRF.

The RFM69HW is a transceiver module capable of operation over a wide frequency range, including the 315, 433,868 and 915MHz license-free ISM (Industry Scientific and Medical) frequency bands.

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Project: Spectrum – Final Touches/The End

Last time I showed the final frequency response of Spectrum. I guess now I need to show the finished thing!

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Project: Spectrum – Final Frequency Response

Minus a couple of tweaks, the circuit is basically finished. I just want to adjust the brightness of the LEDs and tune up the sensitivity of the comparators. I will follow with a video soon but I need to find a decent camera to capture the full effect.

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